Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The best way for me to approach this situation is to be flip. Because honestly things could be a hell of a lot worse. And because if I don't I'll probably get all dramatic and cry.

Last night Z's iPhone made it into the wash. Which is bummer city. He did a FB status to explain why calling him would be rather ineffectual and a friend kindly commented that the year could only get better for him.

He went to bed before 10pm, trying to live the dream of the previous night which didn't quite work out. By 10:30pm he was in the bathroom with C's stomach virus. I haven't seen him that sick in more than a decade. It was pretty scary. We got him settled in a different bedroom so I could continue to take care of C in ours.

Less than an hour later C had diarrhea and he puked a little. And I started to feel queasy  I called for backup in the form of my mom (thank fucking god we were still at my parent's house). We had to get a new sleeping arrangement for C because of the vomit in the pack n play. The great game of musical beds began-my dad in with T, my mom and me in her bed, C nearby in a crib. And by 2am I had the virus as well.

OK, this isn't flip, it's more of a just the facts, ma'm deal. I'm trying not to puke here so cut me a little slack.

And I have pink eye in my right eye. And I still have a sinus infection. And it feels like knives are stabbing my belly. Is this was C felt like? My heart aches for him. This is the first time I've been too sick to care for him. I hate it.

So yes, 2013 managed to get worse after the hospital stay. But from here on out it seriously can only get better.

Swollen eye completely crusted over. I think this is a good look for me.

Bathing cousins. Because sometimes you need a little cute after a depressing post. 


  1. Oh fuck fuck fuck. Oh man.... We are battling the last of it now. It is deadly. Much love.

    1. Thanks, Lady. Fingers crossed T does't get it. Or we'll be at my parent's house forever!