Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday Night, Friend Night, Food Night

In the middle of all this overblown drama about mental illness sometimes nice shit happens. There is a couple here in town who have become family to us over the last couple of years. His birthday is a few days away from Z's in May and last year I gave him the promise of 4 meals of his choosing over the course of the year. This week he decided to cash one in-he ordered gnocchi and a key lime pie.

There is zero anxiety when these friends come over. I mean this as the highest compliment--we don't clean or even tidy for them. They know us in all our messy and honest glory and somehow they love us anyway.

Interacting with people in real life is fraught for me, but it is important to remember that the payoff is tremendous. The class I took last fall was an incredible experience. Our circle of friends is widening, we are friends with some really cool and kind couples who planned our welcome home along with J and C. Putting myself out there is worth it, it's worth fighting for. Part of the reason I blog and am an avid facebooker is because is feels much less risky than engaging in real life. I get to interact with others without fear. The awesome thing about J and C is there is no risk when I interact with them either. It is such a fucking relief to have friends who I can be easy around.

The only bad thing about last night was J is sick and needed to stay home. But one of the many awesome things about the friendship is we are all friends with each other, it's completely natural to have C over alone, just like J has been here without him many times.

Baking the key lime pie made me want margaritas. So Z whipped some up and if any of you have had a drink mixed by him you know he has a bit of a heavy hand. C and I were tipsy by the time we sat down to eat and I was flat out drunk when I overwhipped the whipping cream for the pie. Drunk isn't a common occurrence for me. But every once in a long while cutting loose is a great idea. And you know what? We had a hell of a lot of fun. We had some great conversations. We had a terrific night.

My mother-in-law gave us this beautiful pie plate that she made for Christmas this year. We christened it with the key lime pie. And it was delicious. 

This morning I was pretty hung over. Bacon and eggs helped. So did sharing a meal with these three adorable guys. 

Z was using the shop press and T was lending a hand. Clearly he was not amused by my interruption. 

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