Thursday, January 3, 2013

It Seems T Was Feeling Left Out

This morning T crawled under the kitchen table and scrabbled around until he found a handful of goldfish pretzels his brother dropped during his meal. T had shoved them all into his mouth by the time Z caught up to him. I heard Z holler, "NO! Spit them out! Spit them in my hand NOW! DON'T YOU SWALLOW THEM!"

Don't worry, we aren't torturing our kid with some sort of starvation diet. But he did start vomiting at 2am. And the diarrhea started at about 4am. He was hungry at 6:30am so Z gave him some crackers and water, but he promptly threw that up as well. When he found the dropped pretzels it was during the period we were giving him sips of water every 15 minutes or so until we figured out if he could keep some food down. He certainly couldn't stop it coming out the other end. Our little man started potty training at the end of last February. He got it pretty quickly and has had stellar bowel control since. But he was no match for the diarrhea. Our solution was to send my dad to the store for pull ups. He returned with the most fetching Cinderella pull ups in a lovely pink color. T likes pink, so he didn't see a problem with the color and it totally cracked Z and me up. When I pointed out the extravagant bow on T's ass to my dad he chuckled as well. He had no idea diapers could be gender specific.

So yes, all four member of the Cordano-Leonard clan have gotten the bug. The good news is it is only really terrible for a few hours. The bad news is the diarrhea lasts for days. The good news is it appears my parents have avoided it. My fingers are crossed a million times as I type that.

We were hoping to leave tomorrow, but that is very up in the air. You see, sweet C has spiked another fever even though he is on antibiotics for a staph infection. I spoke to our pediatrician's nurse hotline and the nurse wants him seen because she is worried he has another ear infection and the antibiotic he is taking doesn't work for that. So at 8:30am tomorrow we'll be back at my parent's family practice.

When I get a little distance from this thing maybe I can write a bit about how fucking terrifying it is to be too sick to care for your kids. We are so lucky this happened at my parent's home. They have been rock stars. My mom is unbelievable in a crisis. I can't thank her enough for everything she does for us. Over and over she has saved us. Today my dad ran to the store for us four separate times. Our thermometer, which has served us well since T was an infant, bit the dust. He got a new battery, but the problem was bigger than that. He got a new unit, it was defective. He got another one and made sure it worked in the store. All that was after the trip for the diapers in the morning. And he acted like it wasn't a big deal the whole time, he just told us to keep taking care of the kiddos. We might be sick, but we still have it pretty damn good.

And the whole wet-phone-in-a-bag-of-rice thing seems to be working. Z can make and receive phone calls. So really, it looks like 2013 is turing around for us big time.

 His poor little legs were getting numb from dangling down after sitting on the regular toilet for a long time. The training potty was a much better choice. And Z discovered Nick Jr streams online, so T had a little entertainment. 

T didn't care that the pull ups were pink, but he was pissed about wearing them at all. I don't blame him. He hasn't even worn them overnight since the summer. He felt like we were punishing him somehow. We explained it was only because of the diarrhea, but it keeps trying to sneak them off.

Washing the sick away felt pretty awesome. 

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