Friday, January 4, 2013

I Can't Make This Shit Up

Ok. Ok. Ok. I know. This is supposed to be a Mommy blog/mental health struggles blog/parenting blog/gross bodily functions blog/I'm a self involved ass and I have a blog blog. It is not supposed to be a moment by moment recap of the minutia of our family health blog.

And yet.

It's getting hard to be philosophical and relaxed about this healthcare shit. The details don't matter-when C started coughing, when he spiked a fever, when he threw up in the middle of the night after a particularly nasty bout of said cough. We were at my folk's family practice this morning on the advice of our pediatrician office back home. They did a chest x-ray and we were told he has pneumonia. So we are back in Augusta at the Children's Hospital. C was admitted a few hours ago and we are in a different room on the same floor with the same attending physician. Which is cool, a friendly face never hurts.

I called our doc's office on the way here and left a message on the nurse hotline and our very awesome doc was kind enough to call us back herself. If you live in Syracuse and have a kid, for the love of god go to Brighten Hill Pediatrics. They are the shit. The upshot is our doc, the nurse practitioner who C saw this morning, the folks in the Pediatric ER, the folks in the hospital proper have all told us that C is going to be fine. He is totally going to be fine. We are doing the right thing by having him seen, he is going to be fine.

It has been a royally shitty week. The Cordano-Leonard healthcare saga doesn't make for the most scintillating reading, but haven't we gone over the fact that I'm a selfish ass? Writing about what scares the hell out of me helps. And I have the admittedly grandiose notion that if I write about something that is hard for me maybe someday someone who is going through the same thing might come across this (not sure how that would actually happen, but why quibble with details) and be helped just a tiny bit.

So. If that mythical person who is going through this someday does find this here is what I have to say:

I know how your feel. I'm sorry your kid is sick. I promise I get it. Let me tell you what, this week has been scary, this week has been awful, we just want our sweet son to be healthy. But so many people have told us that something incredibly similar has happened to them and everything eventually works out. On Monday the nurse I spoke to from our practice before heading into the hospital the first time told me that one year she spent Christmas day in the ER with her 10 month old who had croup. A friend on facebook shared her family was hit with a stomach bug last New Years and then got lice. Our neighbor texted that her youngest was horribly ill on a family trip to Hawaii years ago and it took them ages to get home. Hell, even one of the doc's at this hospital told us her son had the exact same weird reaction to the chicken pox vaccine. And it seems everyone in the world was sick over the holidays this year. So this stuff happens. It helps to know it happens to everyone. We all have our war story of how the plague ruined some holiday when we were far from home. And knowing my friends and loved ones have been there and gotten through their shitty story makes me feel safer. It makes me feel like maybe things actually will be ok. You know what? You and your kid are going to be ok, too. Promise.

Sweet C back in the ER. This is the first picture where he looks just like my Daddy. 

He was pretty pissed about the back-of-the-hand IV.

Grumpy baby and weepy Mama. I cannot handle him getting poked. Was sent out of the room when the nurses came in to do the IV and was crying pretty heavily in the hallway. The ER Attending happened to be standing there and told me there was a valium salt lick in the waiting room. How I wish she wasn't kidding.

Daddy doing a work call while C snoozed once we were settled in our accommodations for this evening.

Hey friends and family? Thank you. Thanks for reaching out and texting or messaging or emailing or calling and letting us know you are there. Thanks for offering to help. To those close by, thanks for helping. Thanks for being in our lives. You have cheered us up tremendously over the last week. We know this shit isn't life or death, but it has blown big time. We are run down and feel like garbage, and not to get to gross and sappy, but your love and friendship has meant a great deal. 


  1. I'm speechless. You need a vacation on a warm tropical beach with four 24 hour nannies. When I win the lottery tomorrow night, I am going to make that happen for you. 2013 WILL BE a great year!!

    1. Oh my god, you are winning the lottery tomorrow? That is fucking amazing! Can't wait for the vacation!

  2. I love the concept of a Valium salt lick! And by the way, we were in Croatia for the holiday and ate dinner at the childhood home of the inventor of Valium--he lived in Croatia, but moved to Chapel Hill NC in his later years, and died there.
    Keep writing Karen. I enjoy your blog and agree that sharing stories makes others feel better (that, and a Valium salt lick now and then)

    1. Thanks so much, Julie! We missed you guys on Christmas Eve this year, but it is awesome that you got to take such a cool vacation.

      And cool NC connection to valium!

      Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it. Perhaps you can help develop a valium salt lick as part of your professional work?