Monday, January 7, 2013

Home Again

We've only lived in Syracuse for a bit more than three years. It takes time to feel at home after a move, time to find your groove, your places, your people. We were just starting to feel like we belonged when we moved away from Providence after living there for almost three years. For some reason it has been easier in Syracuse. Z has never been happier professionally. We are living in a single family home for the first time and we are deeply in love with it, it feels like another member of our family. We've done some major renovation work and have planned projects for many years into the future. She's got lovely bones, our old lady of a house. We became parents here, the biggest change in our lives together so far. And we have found some extraordinary friends.

We call them "our people". And not just the ones here, the close friends we've found everywhere we've lived. We are constantly on the lookout for "our people". Kind of what Anne Shirley called kindred spirits in Anne of Green Gables. Folks we just get. The ones who think the same things in life are important. The ones where something just clicks.

The trip from Z's parent's house is eleven hours without stopping. Somehow we managed to make it in under twelve. Leaving at 6:20am certainly helped. So did only stopping for one meal. We threw food back to the kids for the rest of the trip and they slept a lot. So we got to our place just before 6pm.

Syracuse got between one and two feet of snow while we were gone. Our driveway was clear. Our walkway was clear. Our back steps were clear. Inside our house was cleaned. Like better than we ever clean it. Like the fridge was cleaned. Speaking of the fridge it had beer and cider and milk for the boys. There was even hummus and salad. There were a bunch of groceries on the counter.

It's been a shit week. One of the scariest and most stressful I can remember. I'm still not being reasonable about C. He is rear facing in his car seat and it was making me twitchy that I couldn't see him during the drive home. When it was my turn to drive I kept asking Z to look to make sure he was still breathing. Which was ridiculous. But I'm still scared. I don't know how to take that leap of faith and trust he is actually alright.

To walk in our door after the crappiest start to a New Year I've ever had and into a clean and well stocked home, rather than the shit heap we'd left for ourselves was an amazing gift. We were speechless. I don't know what we did to deserve such good friends. But we are grateful. People can be pretty damn wonderful. It's a great thing to remember.

 Saying goodbye to Granddad.

T needed a big tight squeeze.

Z cruising through Virginia. 

Crossing back into the North.


  1. You didn't stay in NY long enough for us to become besties. I just felt I needed to complain about that.

    1. I was there for almost a decade! But I'm also bummed we didn't get to know each other. Next time I'm in town I'll buy you a drink.