Monday, November 19, 2012

This Week

Hey friends who don't blog already!  Do you know what I think you should do? Start one and try to write every day for a month. If you do it and send me your link I promise to put you in my RSS feed and read loyally.

This week might be spotty on the posting front for me. I'd really like to make it for the rest of the month without missing a day. I'd like to prove to myself that I can force myself to write even when life gets in the way or I don't have much to say. We are on Fall Break at our house. School closes for Thanksgiving week here, Z is off, T's preschool is on campus so he is off as well, and of course my class is also cancelled. It turns out that it is harder to find time to write when there are two adults in the house during the day. And we are driving down to Jersey on Wednesday to spend the holiday with my dad's family. Excusing myself to write during our trip strikes me as rather indulgent. And hell, I really like the people we are seeing. I mean, everyone loves their family, that part is easiest. I'm talking like here. I like them enough that I want to hang with them. I think it's cool that I'm related to them. How fantastic is that?

So yes, not sure how the blogging thing is going to go, not that I believe you dear friends are waiting with baited breath for my next post. I just want to be upfront with what is going down. Even if I don't post I'm still satisfied with my experience this month. Writing daily has been good for me, it helps sort out what has been happening in life, I am more thoughtful about the anxiety, I actually feel better, like I've accomplished something. I guess that is why I want you guys to do it, too. I want you to feel like you are doing something good for yourself. Because I like you guys. So there.

Z was a little bit chilly last night.

Bathroom done! By done I mean sometime in January Z will fabricate baseboard and crown molding and install it. And I'll get to Target to buy a curtain soon. And we'll hang up the mirror and TP holder and towel hook and wall stuff eventually. 

A little side-by-side action. Man, are we happy with the way it came out. The awful painted-over faux wood grain paneling has been vanquished from another room! We are winning, ugly paneling! We vow to remove every square foot of you from our house! 

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