Saturday, November 10, 2012

Big Fat Correction

Here's the deal. I'm going to try to be honest with you guys. All the time. I like to think of myself as a scrupulously honest gal. But I fuck up sometimes. I'm actually surprised that no one called me on this latest fuck up. In my day after the election post I wrote that I didn't vote for Clinton the second time because of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  

Um, yeah. That scandal didn't break until January of 1998. While their affair had already started by the election of '96 I, like the rest of America, was blissfully unaware of it. 

Wow. When I wrote that post I believed exactly what I wrote. This sort of makes me wonder what else I've gotten wrong in the two and a half plus years I've been blogging. It's troubling and interesting and I'm not quite sure what to do with the information except to say I'm very sorry. I like to think I don't make mistakes remembering my history (or US history) often, but as I've just proven it happens.

I will say that when I realize I've made a mistake I will cop to it immediately and I will apologize. If I'm getting something wrong, please feel free to correct me! I'm not perfect. Like I'm super duper far from perfect. 

Let's try this again: I didn't vote for Clinton in 1998. I was well on my way towards becoming a Democrat. But I couldn't get past my upbringing. I didn't want my parents to be disapointed with me. I do remember feeling uneasy about my decision. I knew what I was doing didn't really line up with my beliefs. So I guess I do wish that the me that existed in 1996 did vote for him. I have never been a courageous person. I'm ashamed of that. I did the cowardly thing in 1996. Did it again by voting for Green in 2001. But I haven't done it since. And I will try to not do it again. 

Seriously. I'm sorry. Can we still be friends? 

Here's my peace offering-A rather embarrassing photo taken by our dear friend C last night. We sure know how to get wild on a Friday night...

My boys making music very early on this Saturday morning. 

Weekly bread making.

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