Monday, October 3, 2011

Still Here, Just Really Burnt Out

Every morning I get up and promise myself that I'll write a blog post that day and every day I fail. And now it's after 9:30 and I really need to get into bed. So I thought I'd do a short post in which I declared I will write a proper post tomorrow. Maybe about how disorienting and difficult those first few weeks postpartum are. Maybe about how my ass is in awful shape. Maybe about how happy Z and I are to be a family of four. Maybe about the difficulties T has been having adjusting to being a big brother. Maybe about how much easier a newborn is the second time, but at the same time being at home with two kids can be really, really, REALLY hard some days. I've partially composed all of those posts in my head. Arranging the time to type them out has been nearly impossible and I miss it. So tomorrow. I'll write something tomorrow.

In the meantime here's a shot of C taken by Ellie Leonardsmith.

And here's a video of T using a hold fast on the workbench Z just made. Before yesterday I'd never heard of a hold fast and yet my two year old knows how to use one. Crazy the stuff Z is teaching him.

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  1. When I listened to "Travels With My Brother" by Nicholas Cage (it's very good), one of the things his mother used to do was tell each kids that they had to say something nice about the other two or tell something they had done for each other every day. He said it really helped when they were not playing nicely together. C and T are young for this, but it's a thought to help T later. Love the new family pic!