Friday, August 26, 2011

Change of Plans

Sunday the 28th is my due date. Throughout the pregnancy I was absolutely sure I'd have New Guy well before then. Partially because classes start on the 29th for Z, and it would be beyond inconvenient for us to have the kid after the semester began. Partially because I just convinced myself he'd come early. But as of yesterday I really don't want to go into labor before Monday.

Last week when I made the appointment for yesterday the receptionist told me my doc (Doc A) was on vacation this week, but not to worry, he wasn't traveling, he'd be available to deliver me. I was totally cool with that. But yesterday the doc (Doc B, who we really like) told us she wasn't aware that our doc was planning on delivering anyone this week. And then she told us that she'd been on call for the first part of the week and the doc that delivered T (Doc F) would be on call until Monday. And then I started to cry. She knew about my experience with Doc F, which was why she told us about the on call situation. She also said she'd call Doc A and ask what his plans were. She figured she just might have been out of the loop and he was planning to come in for my delivery. She said she'd call me later and let me know.

Doc A really is an amazing medical professional. Doc B has recently finished her residency. She's about Z and my age and it is clear that she looks up to him as well. The other doc we see in the practice (Doc C, she's part time and doesn't have hospital privileges, so no chance of her delivering) is another younger woman who we like a great deal. She's the one that gave us the news about the miscarriage so gently. And she also thinks highly of our doc. The fact that his colleagues both respect and admire him only makes us love him more. They have both told us how much they have learned from him, he obviously loves medicine and sharing his knowledge. On top of that he actually cares about his patients on a personal level. He is the real deal through and through. I was pretty sure he'd come through for me.

And when Doc B called last night she said his plan was to do what he could to deliver me. If I go into labor this weekend I'll call the after hours number and speak to Doc F. She will call my doc and hopefully he'll be ready to go. Doc B made it clear that nothing is 100%, and I totally know that. I also appreciate that my doc is on vacation and he is really going above and beyond for me. And Doc F is a colleague to the other docs, they all know about my experience, I feel like a turd for putting everyone in a difficult position. I'm sure that Doc F has been a great doc for hundreds of women, but sometimes people fuck up, and she did with me. But just the thought of talking to her makes me break out in the cold sweats. Should I have left the practice altogether? Z and my folks think not. Last night when I was freaking out a bit they pointed out if I went to another practice it would have been a shot in the dark. I changed to my doc because he helped me when I was at my most vulnerable. He made me feel listened to at a point in my life when I was truly terrified and he got me help.

But I do not want to deal with Doc F, especially when I'm in labor. And I hate the idea of interrupting my doc's vacation. Hence, I'm cool with keeping this baby in until Monday. No more complaining. It's only 3 days away. And one of our best friends in the entire world is visiting us to get away from the hurricane this weekend. I can't wait to spend time with him. I'll be surrounded by people I love and who love me. My folks are here, Z will be home, friends will be in and out, and of course there will be T. It will be a great weekend. So what if I'm a tad bit uncomfortable? And if labor does start Z will have my back for sure. If Doc F delivers New Guy I'm sure she'll be a hell of a lot more careful than last time.

Last Christmas Mom and Dad gave T these awesome Star Wars sheets for his big boy bed. We didn't have room to get them home then, so they brought them up and we got them on the bed the day they arrived. And no, we aren't putting toddler safety rails on the bed. T doesn't move that much in his sleep. And my mom said she just threw some pillows on the floor for us when we were little and we lived. Yes, he did fall out the first night. But it didn't tame his enthusiasm for the bed and it hasn't happened since.

T was suitably impressed. You can't really see, but his t-shirt has a big X-wing on it.

I told Z I was buying a bookcase for T's room and he had this made almost immediately. It's the first furniture he's built specifically for T that T will be able to use into adulthood and I absolutely love it.

He was able to source some waney-edge boards that came out of a tree sequentially. 

The room is really starting to come together. Z tried doing green/yellow trees on this wall, but we don't like it. One of the millions of things I've learned from him is it's only paint and we can always re-do it. So he got some chalkboard paint and the current plan is to do the whole wall with that. Then he's going to paint white silhouettes of trees on it. If we hate it we'll figure something else out.

On my parents first full day here we went grocery shopping. After we loaded the trunk Dad grabbed T and threw him in there, too. Then he closed the door. He opened it half a minute later and T was cracking up. "Again!", he shouted.

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