Thursday, August 18, 2011

Are You Guys Bored of My Pregnancy Yet? Because I Sure Am.

Did you read this post, in which I discussed some of the more unpleasant aspects of pregnancy? It's a real charmer. I wrote it less than three weeks ago. Oh, how some things change in that short amount of time. I briefly mentioned I didn't have stretch marks on my belly. Well, I didn't then. Pregnancy is supposed to be 40 weeks long and I didn't get the stretch marks until I was almost at 38 weeks. Of my second full term pregnancy. Now I know it is a petty thing to be upset about, but are you fucking kidding me? And they are getting bigger every day. It's almost like I can watch them spreading. Just another reminder that there are new humiliations around every corner when you are growing human beings inside your body.

My due date is August 28th. But I don't let facts get in the way of what I decide is reality. Somehow I got it in my head that there was no way I was carrying this baby for 40 weeks. T was 6 days early, second babies tend to come even earlier, so we'd have this kid out and about by mid August. The thing is T was induced. I have no idea how much longer I would have carried him if preeclampsia wasn't part of the picture. The 28th is a really inconvenient week to have a kid. Classes start for Z on the 29th. The other professors in his program have stuff going on in their lives as well and can't be expected to cover for him. That's the other reason I want to have this kid like yesterday. Z would be able to be a bit more relaxed and actually spend time in the hospital with us without being worried about what was going on at work.

A couple of days ago I waddled into T's room on the way to the shower to tell Z something while he was dressing T for the day. He looked up at me and said, "Jesus, you are carrying that kid high." I informed him he wasn't helping and flounced right out of the room. Well, I would have flounced if I hadn't been humungous and unwieldy. Z was just speaking the truth, though. I've carried both boys extremely high and New Guy hasn't dropped at all. When I go into the doctor's office this afternoon I've decided to not try and delude myself. He'll check my cervix. And he'll tell me it hasn't opened at all. I'm starting to have a horrible feeling New Guy isn't going to show his face until September.

Many months ago I remember writing it would be cool if New Guy arrived on September 3rd, our 11th wedding anniversary. Because we found out about the miscarriage on our 10th anniversary. Please, let me reiterate, don't ever make doctor's appointments on your wedding anniversary. You probably won't get bad news, but why take the risk? If you do find out something awful it'll really color that day in the future. Just don't do it. As nice as it would be to have a wonderful new memory on that day, I would sincerely like to punch the me of several months ago in the face for suggesting it.

So yes, still pregnant. Super grumpy.

T has insisted on sleeping with so many stuffed animals there is barely room for him. But it seems like the transition is complete. He's in his new room full time. 

This was our big present for his 2nd birthday. It'll go into his room during the winter. And the purple will match his sheets! Z didn't make it, we got it at an open studio event in our neighborhood in the spring. Support local artists! 

Today I was sitting in our yard and it was really cool to look around from his point of view. It seems much more jungle-like if you are under 3 feet tall. 

Prepping for Z to use the router. I love how his safety gear squishes his sweet face.


  1. I did the same thing with this second pregnancy. Gavin was 11 days early, so I was absolutely convinced that the second would arrive at least two weeks before his due date. But Sam had other ides and arrived exactly on his due date. I spent lots of time complaining and had to start reminding myself that it was better for him to stay in there longer!

  2. Albeit a different situation, it reminds me of the time on our honeymoon when, after just starting the hike, I said to Kelsey, "Man, I'm sure glad it didn't rain on our wedding. If you had to choose between it raining on our wedding or raining this whole month of hiking, what would you choose?" She, logically, said she would rather it rain on our wedding. I said, "Not me. I loved a sunny wedding." Literally 10 minutes later it started raining. And you may or may not remember two Junes ago, but it did not stop for a month. Oh former self! Curse you!

  3. Alex was born August 28th...full 40 weeks...hubby is a teacher and went to work 3 days old pediatrician always told me "that's why you get the mother's day cards"...real life my friend...hang in there.

  4. I've always loved October birthdays......

  5. K-remembering it's good for New Guy to cook longer is a great point. And one I'm selfishly having a hard time focusing on...
    L-Yup, that's life. If the baby comes when classes start he would only not teach while I'm in delivery. He's hoping to miss nothing at all. But my parents will be here to help, so that's good.
    J-Oh my lord, that is just mean!