Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Hand-Me-Downs

Z and I started our make-room-for-baby 3rd floor reno by going through all the crap we'd dumped up there over the last almost two years. This is the first house we've lived in together, we've been apartment folks up till now, so it's the first time we've had extra room for storage. Both sets of parents sent up a bunch of stuff they'd been saving for us for years. Included in my shipment was a ton of toys from my childhood. Sadly, much of it was covered in mold and had to be tossed (farewell sweet My Little Ponies). But I was able to salvage a bunch of cool toys I'd forgotten about. Like the extensive Tupperware set that matched a full size one we used growing up. And the Fisher Price School Days Desk. And my Pound Puppy and Cabbage Patch Kid. And maybe most excitingly, the group of homemade Cabbage Patch Kids sewn by the mother of our favorite childhood babysitter.

Watching T play with these things that meant so much to me as a kid has been surprisingly gratifying. Being we moved so much I can't share physical locations from my youth with him. My parents are on their 7th home since I last lived with them. It's very different when we visit Z's folks. We stay in the room he occupied in high school. They moved into their home more than 30 years ago. There are memories around every corner and I'm glad that T will be able to match the stories of his dad to the home we often visit. 

This morning I was in the kitchen when I heard T climb upstairs. It sounded like he was playing in his bedroom, but the other bedroom doors were open and I didn't love the idea of him being alone up there unsupervised for long. So I dragged my huge pregnant butt up the stairs. It seemed suspiciously quiet on the second floor so I hurried to his room and found this:
My grandparents had that blue chair reupholstered for me when I was a baby. It had belonged to my mother when she was a girl. And now it is T's. We hope to have it reupholstered for him sometime soon using leftover fabric from a chair we had recovered that belonged to Z's great grandfather. I love seeing him sitting in it. My family is pretty far flung (although thankfully the days of me being the only one that actually lives in USA are over) so it's one of the most tangible ways for me to feel his connection to our history.
The homemade Cabbage Patch Kid has become a special favorite of T's. This isn't the first time we've found him holding the baby while sitting in the blue chair. Yesterday when T was hugging him I asked what the baby was named (We've been using our New Guy's name freely around the house to let T get used to it. One of the millions of things I swore I'd never do before I became a parent. Thought it was bad luck and just not right to give an unborn babe a name. God, I was a judgmental idiot.). And he called the doll by his brother-to-be's name. I'm not gonna lie, there were tears in my eyes. Then again, I'm an over-sentimental pregnant fool. There are sort of always tears in my eyes these days.
I can't wait to take a picture of T holding his new brother in that chair. Um, at that point I promise I'll tidy the room a bit. And the doll? When my sister and I played with him more than 25 years ago we called him Tommy. 

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  1. Awww... So sweet that his name was Tommy. I still have my Cabbage Patch kids in Sammie's room, and I have to say that when I was pregnant, so was she. Before we knew Max was a boy, we called the baby "Hamlet -- baby 2, or b2, or 2b or not 2b?" So, all her baby dolls are called Hamlet to this day. They're very sweet. Take as many pics as you can, messy room or not. Sammie starts Kindergarten this year and I'm a mess.