Friday, February 18, 2011

Quickie About T

For a mommy blog I don’t do a hell of a lot of talking about being a mommy.  The self absorbed navel gazing and mental health stuff seem to be getting in the way of talking about this whole parenting gig.  There is a post I’ve been wanting to write since Monday, but my anxiety is getting in the way of  actually doing it.  And this morning we had to take Z’s car back to the shop which isn’t helping the anxiety at all.  So for now I’m giving up on writing about what I really want to write about.  Instead here’s a quickie about my cute kid. 

I know that most of my tiny readership is friends with me on FB, so hey guys, I’m sorry about the repetitiveness.  A couple of days ago on Facebook I posted this status update:
Last night I put T to bed solo because Z was at a school event. After storytime I picked him up to take him to his room and he urgently pointed behind me and said, "Bobo! Bobo!" I couldn't figure out what his was looking at, but walked to my dresser. It was the 12" talking Boba Fett action figure Z got for my birthday**. I knew he could say Chewie, but Boba Fett, too? We are proudly raising a nerd.

I broke out the Flip a yesterday to record a Boba Fett moment.  Sorry about the shaky camera angles.  Little man was on my lap and, oh no excuses.  I just suck at camera stuff.  

The whole talking thing is so indescribably awesome.

**Yup, Z got me a 12" talking Boba Fett action figure for my 34th birthday.  And yup, we had a little talk about how future presents need to actually be for me rather than for him. 

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