Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hopefully It's the Thought That Counts

Last night I asked Z to read my blog post because I was under the influence of NyQuil when I wrote it (T and I are suffering from the never ending cold) and I wasn’t sure if it was coherent or not.  After he was done he continued watching Mythbusters and surfing the web.  This is typical behavior.  I finally asked him what he thought.  He told me he thought I should take T for a walk tomorrow so we get out of the house.  Clearly he forgot what feedback I was asking for.  Also typical behavior.  After he answered my initial question I told him to forget about the walk.  The optimistic high for today was 22 degrees.  With the wind chill it felt much colder.  I wasn’t taking T out for a jaunt in our weather. 

Tonight the department Z teaches in is having its big holiday party.  He really wanted T and me to go and see what the students have been working on.  Well, he wanted me to see the work, he wanted T there to show him off a little.  The department of design at SU is in a really cool warehouse building downtown; it is maybe a ten minute drive from our place.  After a lot of deliberation last night Z and I decided he should stay at school after his last class and go to the party solo.  He didn’t have the time to dig out my car this morning, he needed to be at work by 7am.  But he was really bummed. 

So I thought I’d try and surprise him.  When T went down for his nap this morning I bundled up and went outside with grand plans for shoveling.  After a few minutes I amended those plans, I’d do the front and back steps and the sidewalk, but there was no way I’d be able to clear the car off and do the driveway.  We have a snowblower, but I don’t know how to start it and I really am not comfortable using it.  But somehow I kept on going and after an hour I had it all clear.  I didn’t do the whole driveway, just around my car and to the street.  I was a soaking wet, a sweaty yet somehow freezing mess by the end of it.  All of the guilt I felt for my boredom eating yesterday evaporated.  And I was damn proud of myself for getting out of the house, even if I didn’t technically step off our property. 

I started in the back. 

Behind the car, a straight shot to the street. 

My sad car.

The sidewalk out front. 

Making life easier for our mailman.

Please note my wet-with-sweat hair and beet red face.  My face did not return to its regular color for several hours.  I'm just glad I didn't have a heart attack.   

But.  It started snowing again as I walked to the garage to put away the shovel.  And while I was out front I saw a station wagon that was quite a bit bigger than my car get stuck on our street.  Truth be told, the driver was able to get unstuck pretty easily.  I just didn’t want to risk getting stuck with T in the car, so I let go of the idea of a grand surprise for Z.  He got up at 5 this morning to get his car clear, so he didn’t get to see T before work like usual.  He decided to come home for lunch to spend time with the boy, and he saw what I did and appreciated the efforts.  And I loved having a bit of family time in the middle of the day.  

So the grand plan didn't work out.  But hey, I got some exercise.  

Little Man enjoying a chocolate chip cookie.

Well, aren't I acting like Little Miss Self-Congratulating lately!  After giving this a second look this morning I'd like to add some clarification:  We'd already had several feet of snow that was single handedly cleared by Z when I went out yesterday to shovel.  There was only about 4 or 5" on the ground for me to deal with.  And jeeze!  All those pictures of what I shoveled!  A little boring don't ya think!  I'll try and keep my self satisfaction to a minimum next time...


  1. I for one find your "self-satisfaction" wonderfully satisfying.

  2. I also am satisfied by your satisfaction. And i like the pictures, even if it seems like pics of potentially mundane things, pics are nice. I have never been to your house and now i know a little more about what it looks like.

    As a fellow blogger, i try to include pics on every post, and i usually do succeed. The problem is that the pics infrequently have anything to do with what i am writing about; here are a bunch of web browsers i hate - and a picture of my dog. At least you have pics of the subject matter...