Friday, September 10, 2010


It’s all over.  I’m back at home with a hot water bottle on my belly.  And I’m only going to be morbid for a minute before moving on.

When we were waiting for the doctor to arrive for surgery (He was an hour late because he had a delivery that turned into a C-section.  Twin boys.  It sucked to wait, but there was no way we could be upset about it.  Wasn’t like the guy was at Burger King.) I started to cry yet again.  Z was comforting me and I told him the thing was even though the embryo wasn’t alive I was sad to have it removed.  When it was in me at least it was somewhere it was loved.  I knew it was there and dead or alive it was my baby, or at least what would become my baby.  It hurt me to have it become medical waste. 

OK.  A few more good things to help counter the sorrow that is threatening to take over:

I didn’t have to worry about T for a minute while I was at the hospital because he was with my mom.

Z was with me the whole time, and he was exactly what I needed him to be.

In order to let me recuperate all day tomorrow Mom and Z have planned a full day of stuff to do with T. 

Mom and Z get along well enough to spend the whole day together.  In fact, Mom and Z get along well enough that Z was thrilled she was coming to help and said she should stay as long as possible. 

And because I am still in dire need of cheering up I thought I’d tell another story where the laugh is on me. 

Before T was born I worked at Whole Foods.  In the last position I held I was one of 3 people in the store that could actually terminate an employee.  I was very much the junior of the 3 managers and separating team members (a little WFM jargon there) was my least favorite thing to do. 

There were no arbitrary separations, everything was done by the rule book, but it still isn’t fun to fire someone.  In this case the young man didn’t pass the prohibition period.  He was a nice kid, but he was in customer service and he didn’t seem to understand that he needed to be nice to the customers.  During the conversation it turned out that he honestly didn’t understand he didn’t give good customer service, frankly I don’t think he understood what good customer service was. 

So his direct supervisor and I were trying to explain why this was happening to him and because he really didn’t understand it was taking longer than usual and we were all clearly feeling uncomfortable.  I was particularly uncomfortable for me because his direct supervisor hated me.   I was the only store manager on that day, so even though she really did not enjoy engaging me this task had to get done and I was the only one that could make it happen for her. 

I had the piece of paper in my hand that officially separated him and I dropped it.  The chair I was sitting in was a cheap one on wheels and I scooted it forward and bent down to grab the paper from the floor.  Next thing I knew I was on the floor with the chair on top of me. 

That sweet kid helped me up and asked me if I was OK.  The woman who disliked me looked at me like I was the stupidest thing to ever walk the face of the earth.  And I still don’t know how I didn’t burst out laughing.  But I unceremoniously wrapped things up and told his supervisor to please take him to empty his locker and walk him out of the store.  As soon as they left the office I laughed so hard I cried.

The kid would still come into the store to shop from time to time.  Every time I saw him I’d have to run away because I burst out laughing.  It was such a funny story my boss told it to the regional president.  When she found out I was pregnant with T she told my boss I was under no circumstances allowed to use that chair.  I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the fancy chair that was at my desk for the remainder of my time there. 

Thankfully I did not sit in the dangerous chair during my pregnancy and this little guy was perfect when he came out.


  1. And I bet I know who the TL was.....and that makes the story all the funnier.....

  2. BWAH HA HA HA!!! Karen, that's a belly buster! xo

  3. J-yes, you know who it was.

    Laura-I wish you were the TL in with me. Although there is no way we could have not laughed...

  4. i agree, lady - yer little guy? *complete* perfection.