Sunday, April 4, 2010

Admittedly Neurotic

This is going to be pretty brief as I am a bit loopy from one of my chill pills. Yeah, we had a pretty stressful conversation with our accountant about taxes about an hour ago. There was a terrible 20 minutes when it looked like we owed A SHITLOAD OF MONEY to NY State. A SHITLOAD OF MONEY. A SHIT LOAD. A SHIT LOAD THAT REQUIRES ONE WITH AN ANXIETY PROBLEM TO USE CHILL PILLS. We are going to still end up owning just not A SHITLOAD, but after believing we were going to have to pay out the vast majority of our savings it will seem like peanuts.

There is a SAHM post brewing in my head, and it is certainly tied up in the money and tax situation, but now is not the time to go there. Not while I’m sick as a dog and flying high on chill pills. But the last post needed a little follow up because it turns out circumstances changed so something I wrote is now untrue.

I am a little compulsive about honesty. I want everyone around me to be honest at all times and I am honest to a fault myself. I have trouble lying even when it would be the kindest thing. So I need to get this off my chest--I did not make the Boston Cream Pie I said I would make. I’m sick. I’m feverish. I’m making excuses and I feel really guilty about it. I’m sending Z to our friend’s house with a couple of containers of store bought mini cupcakes and I am deeply ashamed. But I promise to make the cake for my friends soon.

There. Now I feel better and can go comfort myself be rereading the 3rd Harry Potter book for the 12 time.

Happy Easter if that is your thing.

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  1. Aww hang in there, Karen. Totally acceptable to send store bought stuff, though I found myself feeling horribly guilty about the same thing this morning, and I am not even sick.